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Dressing Chair” Safety Features

The Dressing Chair is made from solid hardwood and has a natural beautiful finish. The Dressing Chairs are painted white. Why do we paint our chairs?  For improved hygiene and easy clean-up. We paint the chairs with anti-bacterial anti-virus paint. You can read more about this paint at:

The dressing chair will help you to safely get in & out of bed and get dressed in the morning and then get ready for bed at night.

The dressing chair reduces risk of falling when you are getting in or out of bed. 

Built in transfer board that is easy to use and makes getting in & out of bed easier and safer.

Dressing chair is designed to give you support where you need it; you can safely use your arms to assist you when dressing and when transferring in & out of bed.

Built in back support to improve sitting balance.

Nonslip base

Base of the “Dressing Chair” is designed for stability, safety, comfort and ease of use..

Easily organize your change of clothes for the morning: undergarments, shoes and clothes

Choose specific height of dressing chair to match your (non-standard) mattress height.

Holders for your morning pills & wet wipes

Custom arm-handles

Optional “leg lifter” and hook

Holders for your mobile phone

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