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Introduction to "The Dressing Chair"
Why Do I Call It "The Dressing Chair"
When Your Bed is Too Low
When Your Bed is Too High
When Dianne's Bed is Too High
A Situation You Want To Avoid!

Teaching Videos

We Love to Help!

Struggling to transfer from bed to a standing position?
The Dressing Chair is here to help!

Designed for:

  • Individuals with limited mobility

  • Seniors needing transfer assistance

  • Caregivers seeking a safer solution


  • Safe & Easy Transfers: Our unique design with a sliding platform and sturdy handholds allows for safe and secure transfers from bed to chair and standing position.

  • Minimal Training: Learn how to use The Dressing Chair easily with our online video tutorials and animations.

  • Reduced Fall Risk: Eliminate the risk of falling between bed and wheelchair with our secure transfer method.

  • Increased Independence: The Dressing Chair empowers you to perform daily activities with minimal or no assistance.

  • Free Online Training: Access our free instructional videos and animations 24/7 from the comfort of your home.

  • Personalizable Options: Customize The Dressing Chair with storage for medications, toiletries, and more.

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